The proof of the puppet is in the performance

Sculpt by PM, paint by Joe Blanck

Promo image that will be in the Fringe program

After five years of website inertia, it seems high time to get amongst it again. The prime motivation was the not particularly startling realisation that I am happiest when I’m making puppets and then performing with them. Making puppets and waving them goodbye isn’t the same (and a big “Hello” to all the dragons now in rehearsal in the US of A).  A puppet without its performance is a tree falling in the forest with no-one to listen.

A quick look around the shed (“workshop” when I’m feeling pretentious) reveals a collection of half-finished projects that need to find their way to an audience. First candidate is the transforming Grand Turk marionette I commenced many years ago for the second Puppet Palaver back in 2005 or whenever it was, the one at Dante’s in Fitzroy. I was so confident I was going to get it done I even put it in the program. The bits are now lying around me on the table, costumes unfinished as the sewing machine decided to have a hissy fit (possibly in response to mine) and stop functioning. This time, however, I’ll push on, I’ll get the thing made and waggle it enthusiastically in front of some potentially confused punters at the upcoming Puppet Summit cabaret evening. Nothing like a deadline to engender a sense of panic and/or urgency.

Alongside the transforming marionette is a Punch and Judy scenario I’ve been developing for some time.  I have the Judy head and hands out of the mould, ready to paint. I have to finish sculpting Punch’s ears and Judy’s torso and mould them. Then more silicone casting. If my focus holds (which it must) I’ll take a few piccies along the way. Again, I hope to get something ready for a test drive at the Summit then onward to the Pure Puppet Palaver at Fringe.

Pure Puppet Palaver! Again! Last time around we scored a best puppet show award and a subsequent warm fuzzy glow which lasted for weeks. What shall this year bring?

More information as it comes to hand.